Stephanie VanBramer


Since the day she sat in her elementary art class watching the art teacher draw and thinking “I can do that,” Stephanie VanBramer has not stopped making art.

Education was an important part of life that was instilled by her parents and fatefully where her fascination for art began. Raised to be a determined, strong-minded, honest, and a hard worker by her parents, the art world taught her to be all those things and more.

Being the middle child of three daughters, Stephanie is no stranger to finding herself in the middle of a lot of things. Constantly learning how to combine and balance work and play, family and friends, and multiple other aspects in her life, Stephanie also fuses together different elements in her artwork. Focusing her medium in drawing and painting, she also manages to find ways of including her love for collage and typography into a majority of her pieces.

Regularly drawing inspiration from personal experiences, conversations, thoughts about everyday life, and the lessons she has learned along the way, Stephanie creates artwork that sparks reality checks and speaks out, making it known that it has something to say. Her ingrained principles as a person has influenced her themes and messages as her idolization for art has motivated her craft and artwork to a point where one cannot live independently of the other.

Stephanie VanBramer is a born and raised native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The Berkshires are the place she calls home and is currently where she lives, breathes, and makes art today. Focusing on staying local and accomplishing the most she can in her own backyard, Stephanie will received her BA in Art from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA. She has also participated in the Marshall Street Mural Project through the North Adams organization, Art About Town, and looks forward to bringing more mural art to the Berkshires in the future. Stephanie has a strong passion for arts education and continues to seek opportunities to promote and make stronger connections between art making and education.


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