Kayleigh Brand


Kayleigh Brand grew up surrounded by artistic influence. Born in Beverly Massachusetts, she moved to Hamilton Massachusetts at age five where she currently lives with her mother and grand-parents.  Brand’s great-grandmother, with whom she shared artistic talent, was a talented oil painter who created many landscape paintings of local venues. She also shares artistic talent with her mother, who has a flair for multimedia work such as paper craft and beading. Brand’s interest in art started very young. In elementary school art was the highlight of her day. This love of art followed her throughout elementary, middle, and high school and became her focus of study at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Here, Brand is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in art with a creative writing minor, and is slated to graduate this coming spring.

Brand’s mediums vary as much as her subject matter. She works both in two and three-dimensional mediums. She has done installation art two years in a row for a local art festival in her home town called “Art Grows Here”. She favors digital art, enjoying working with her Wicom tablet. Brand first discovered this medium in her early teens when she received her first pen tablet for Christmas and she has never looked back since.  She still enjoys working in traditional mediums as well, sketching out her work before finishing it digitally. She will often spend her free time doodling, a trait that has followed her since middle school.

In addition to her digital and sketch work, Brand is also avidly writes fiction and fantasy. She delights in crafting new worlds, many of which become settings for her stories and are used in her favorite hobby: table top gaming. Brand is currently compiling and illustrating a collection of her short stories that she plans to publish.


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