Justine Curley


Justine was brought up as an artisan by artisans. Both her mother and grandmother knitted and crocheted as a hobby, her grandmother dabbled in beautiful horse portraits, and her grandfather sculpted birds out of wood. From an early age, she was always given the opportunity to create and imagine, and was never discouraged. In the 6th grade she won an award for a pastel drawing and then in high school won an honorable mention for a sculpture. After that, she went on to college, where she refined in her painting skills. As she was experimenting with different styles and mediums, she finally honed her own style: a dark and surrealistic reality; a dream-like vista tinged with abstractions and caricatures.

To date, Justine has rounded her skills in mixing the cartoon and caricaturist world with her own surreal realities. Each character has its own background and personality, no matter how small. She has worked in several different mediums including watercolor, mix media collage, mix media sculpture, digital, graphite, pastels, charcoal and naturally acrylic paint. The most major of turning points in her standard career has to have been her love for cartoons and stickers. She has developed a system in which she can reproduce a single drawing into a large quantity of stickers for her peers and friends. She she will be reworking her sticker systems and images in it in the near future. The most common theme that ties together almost all of the work, most dominant in her paintings, is a fun and humorous subject contrasted against in an odd realistic setting. From the early works from before 2009 to now, Justine has kept the same core darkly humorous painting style. Even if it’s not intended, her personal style is warped to the pictures at hand and is reshaped in her own ideal imagery.


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