Jessica Wheeler

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Monet once said, “I am following nature without being able to grasp her.” Wheeler feels the same way as her idol once did and holds that image in mind while painting trees, her signature subject.

However, Wheeler didn’t always think she was going to pursue art as a child. In elementary school, her art teacher would use her projects as examples of “what not to do”, and would exhibit them to the class. With years of discouragement she thought art was her weakest subject and had no intentions of pursing it. Her grandmother (who was a professional artist) on the other hand disagreed and had her pick out a greeting card one day. She instructed Wheeler to draw what she saw. Her grandmother taught Wheeler everything she knew, and gave her the tools and most importantly the confidence that she needed to pursue Art as a future.

Wheeler has no exhibited her trees to the public yet. Her first exhibit will be at Gallery 51 for the MCLA Senior Art Show, in North Adams. She has shown at the Northfield Summer Exhibit in a small quant town. Wheeler has also had some of her paintings displayed at the Worcester Art Museum.   Wheeler attended Maine College of Art in Portland, ME thinking that she wanted to pursue a career in Graphic Design, however she quickly rethought that notion after taking several classes, and found her true passion in Education and Fine Arts. She transferred to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA in 2011 and is currently finishing her undergraduate studies in Early Childhood Education and Fine Arts.   Currently Wheeler lives in the small city of Greenfield, MA. Unfortunately her grandmother passed in 2005, but she is still inspired to paint with her guiding spirit. Wheeler plans to live in Greenfield for several more years, but it looking to live somewhere rural with plenty of White Birches in her backyard.


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