Georgia Costigan


Georgia Costigan was born in Carmel, NY and raised in Pawling, NY. Costigan grew up in a crazy and loveable family of six. She is the oldest of four and has three younger brothers. She is currently studying early childhood education and fine arts at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA). While attending MCLA, she encountered many wonderful professors that left a positive footprint in her life. They taught her not only how to create art and to become a great teacher, but how to express herself in ways she never thought she was capable of doing.

Since preschool, Costigan always loved making art. She developed a deep connection for art in middle school when she started taking classes with artist Denisa Fenton, and has been creating ever since. Currently, her main subject matter is acrylic paintings of fish, both from the imagination and from real life. She gets inspiration for her fish artwork from her experiences scuba diving in the Caribbean. From this background, she incorporates as much color as she can in her paintings to make them bright, vibrant, and happy. She finds the use of hues and the representation of happiness in certain artworks to be her favorite aspects of art. During her senior year, Costigan was selected to exhibit some of her fish inspired artwork at the northeast regional COPLAC conference at MCLA in October 2013. After graduation she plans to begin work on a children’s book based on the fish she paints and potentially expand her subject matter to even larger mural size pieces.

Costigan has taught in many locations. She first began her teaching career in Pawling at Christ Church Nursery School and St. John’s Education instructing first grade religion. While attending MCLA, she also taught first graders at CT Plunkett Elementary and preschoolers at Cheshire Elementary. From these experiences, she developed a passion for schooling young children and looks forward to educate in the future.


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